All are equal before the law. But a good lawyer can make the difference.

Lawyers’ profession is considered by many as a noble one, with an undeniable social role. Therefore, it should be practiced professionally and honestly, in a spirit of mutual trust between client and lawyer and in order to keep full confidentiality.
Dumitru & Partners is one of the law firms in Bucharest asked by many companies, NGOs, public and private entities etc. and all these clients benefit highest quality of legal services, offered with professionalism and devotion.
Our team has both lawyers with over 20 years experience and also younger and dynamic lawyers, ready to find solution even to the most recent legal issue.

Depending on the action of various branches of law and according to interests and concerns of the client, our lawyers can have both a pragmatic approach, providing legal solutions in the short term and also a strategic approach, suitable for high important projects, on medium and long term, helping to identify and seize legal opportunities for development of clients’ business.
Both multiple specializations of lawyers working in the Dumitru & Partners and their extensive experience gained in different practice areas, such as advice, consulting and representation in litigation, allow them to be permanently close to customers, providing them the best legal advice and recommendations, defending their rights and interests and supporting them in their activity, work or business.

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